Luxury Car Rental For A Memorable Wedding

Luxury Car Rental For A Memorable Wedding

Weddings are the most special occasion of one’s life and there should be everything to make it the most unforgettable day. One of the ways to make it special is by renting a luxury car for it. This won’t only get you a lot of praise but also add some luxury to your d-day. And that’s not it, getting a luxury car can also express how much this day means to you.

Of course, luxury cars can enhance your wedding experience and to make your experience even more seamless here are a few tips and things you need to know before renting a luxury car:


Advance Booking

Most of the time and especially in wedding seasons car rental companies are extremely busy and are out of car options. So it is always an advantage to book your favorite car in advance so that you don’t have to compromise on car options, models, and colors.


Choose A Car As Per The Wedding Theme

There is going to be beauty everywhere at your wedding like flowers, decorations, wedding dresses, and more. So make sure you choose a car that goes with the theme for good photos and obviously for the perfection of your day. Don’t be extremely stubborn about it because there won’t be cars available for each and every theme.


Decide Who’s Gonna Drive?

You definitely don’t want to drive on your wedding day. On your day you must enjoy every moment and take in all memorable moments. So deciding who’s gonna drive is necessary, a friend, relative, or maybe a professionally trained chauffeur can be a great choice. This way you can enjoy your day to the fullest.


Buy Extra Hours

Weddings are really busy days with ceremonies, food, and so many relatives. So there are chances that something won’t go as planned and you can get late. So it is a smart move to buy some extra hours of car rental. Then you don’t have to stress out even if you get late.


Ask The Car Rental Company For Permission To Decorate The Car

Decoration in wedding cars is a must. Everyone dreams of sitting in a car full of flowers and ribbons. But make sure to ask the car rental company if you can decorate the car or not. Mostly they’ll say yes, but still, it is better to ask first.


Get The Reliable Car

Nobody wants to deal with a malfunctioning car on their special day. So get the best and most reliable car rental service for a seamless luxurious experience. And Rev Exotics is the best choice for you. We are renowned for our reliable and top-quality customer service. Get in touch with us for all your luxury car rental needs.

Reasons To Hire A Limousine For Your Wedding Day

Reasons To Hire A Limousine For Your Wedding Day

A wedding is the biggest celebration of love and commitment. So, the celebration should be perfect in all ways. You have the right to enjoy the day to the fullest. What about hiring a wedding limo service in New JerseyIndeed, it can be the most memorable factor of the wedding.

But you will be wondering whether investing in the luxury car service will be worth the money. What about knowing the reasons that justify spending on luxury cars? It will help you to gladly invest in luxury car rental.

Reason #1: Redefining Grandeur

If you want the wedding to be a grand occasion, you have to go for something special. What can be more special than a grand entry in a limousine? And you don’t have to own it for the grandeur. It’s possible to experience a ride in a luxury car with the help of luxury car rental services.

Just make sure that the company is providing you with well- maintained cars that look shiny and new. The wedding videos and photographs will be permanent memories of the day. And when you will see the limousine in the photos and videos, you will feel the aura!

Reason #2: Reliable Service

On the wedding day, there will be joy all around. And there will be chaos too! Many of you even forget to arrange for the car while checking on the décor and cakes and dresses. The moment you contact a reliable luxury car rental in New Jersey, you can free yourself from any worries related to the car.

The décor will be ready, and the chauffeur will be always an experienced person behind the wheel. So be it about safely reaching the venue or punctuality, you don’t have to worry about any.

Reason #3: An Affordable Option To Flaunt

It’s the dream of every person to own or at least ride a luxury car. A wedding is just the right occasion to treat yourself to the service. There is no need to lament over your financial weakness to buy a luxury car.

Be the owner of the grand car for a few hours on the wedding day. Luxury car rental companies can spoil you with choices so that you can feel the joy of riding a luxury car.

Reason #4: A Comfortable Ride

A wedding is always a happy ceremony. But there will be a lot going on in the back of your mind. Will everything go well? Is the dress good enough? Will the invitees like the food? Amidst so many worries, you have a long and voluminous wedding address to handle.

So, a small car is not the ideal ride for the day. A luxury car will be suitable for the occasion to offer a comfortable ride.

  • There will be ample space inside to prevent ruining the dress as you sit.
  • You can enjoy some music to get over the overwhelming feelings.
  • You won’t feel a bump as the quality of the ride is always the best in these cars.

Thus, the plan of exotic car rental in New Jersey will ensure your comfort to the ultimate level.

Choose The Right Service Provider

The plan to hire the luxury car service will be perfect only when you are choosing the right service provider. So, be careful to avoid the cheap rental companies that will give you a lemon instead of a luxury.

As you will be in the spotlight on the wedding day, the car will be also under the camera’s scrutiny, not to forget the people gathered to celebrate the wedding. Hence, go for eh most reputed NJ Wedding Limo Service to have assurance about the appearance and quality of the luxury car.

You can always book the trendiest luxury cars at where you will find only the premium quality luxury autos.

Sports Cars Vs Luxury Cars

Sports Cars Vs Luxury Cars: Know The Difference

Sports cars or luxury cars, both give you a phenomenal experience. Sports cars are mostly known for the driving experience and luxury cars for their comfort and safety. So how to know what’s best for you? Let’s see some points to help you choose the right fit for you:

Choose The Car That Fits Your Needs

If you’re someone who often goes on a family vacation, then you need comfort and safety. In that case, a luxury car is the best choice. But if you’re someone who loves to play with speed, then go for a sports car. No matter what your requirements are, we have a wide range of exotic car rentals in New Jersey. You can get the feel and see what better fits your vibe.


Both sports and luxury cars give a high-end performance. But ‘performance’ means different in both. Sports cars give speed with better control. They have the ability to perform better in many road and weather conditions with better tech options, navigation, engine power and speed, mileage, and brakes. On the other hand, luxury cars give you a smooth and comfortable ride. Luxury cars have features like active suspension, which reduces the feeling of bumps in the road, legroom, heated seats, and massaging seats. Some of them may also include automatic climate control, computer systems, and surround sound.


There is not much difference in the reliability and longevity of both types of cars. Both of them are high-performing and high-quality cars. So reliability is not much of a differentiator in them.


There are many options available for both cars when seen from a performance point of view. But you will find cheaper options in sports cars than luxury cars. These cheaper options will obviously have fewer features and less performance.

And if we also consider maintenance costs, luxury cars demand more maintenance than sports cars.

Resale Value

Mostly, sports cars tend to hold their value better than luxury cars over time, but luxury cars typically have a higher initial price point. This means that while a luxury car may depreciate more quickly in terms of value, it may still have a higher overall value due to its higher starting price. Also, luxury cars often come with prestige and status that can also contribute to their resale value.

Personality Statement

Your car can show your personality, that’s true. If you want to be seen as a classy and elegant person then go for a luxury car. And if you want to be seen as more adventurous and passionate, go for a sports car. Luxury car owners are mostly seen as highly educated and classy people while sports car owners are seen as adventurous thrill-seeking people.

Well, if you want a ride and experience the feel of both cars, you can visit our website. We offer exotic and luxury car rentals in New Jersey. We also offer our top-of-the-line limousine service for prom nights, weddings, and other events. So go feel the luxury before buying it.

Rolls Royce Facts

6 Rolls Royce Facts You Didn’t Know

Rolls-Royce, the experience of ultimate luxury, opulence, and excellence. With over 177 years of rich and interesting history, it has become one of the most prominent car manufacturers. Everyone knows about the Rolls-Royce amazing cars, but there are a few facts that will make you go aww.

Dropping down 6 astounding facts about Rolls-Royce:

The scandalous history of the model for The Spirit of Ecstasy

The statuette on the center of the hood of Rolls-Royce is one of the most famous hood ornaments in the world. But there are many interesting facts besides this ornament. It is based on Eleanor Velasco Thorton, also known as Thorn. The creator of the spirit of Ecstasy, Lord John Walter Edward Douglas-Scott-Montagu, even though he was married to Lady Cecil Constance Kerr had an affair with Thorn. This affair was confirmed when the Spirit of Ecstasy was unveiled.

About 65 percent of all Rolls-Royces are still on the road

Rolls-Royce is indeed known for its exceptional quality and durability, and a huge number of cars produced by the company are still on the road today. According to the documentary by national geographic, about 65 percent of Rolls-Royce ever made are still on road and working efficiently. This is proof of the company’s commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail in the manufacturing of their vehicles.

Rolls-Royce has a driving school for chauffeurs

Most people think that a chauffeur’s job is to simply pick up and drop off the VIPs but it’s a lot more than that. Rolls-Royce driving school offers an awesome course for Rolls-Royce car chauffeurs. The major part of Rolls-Royce’s chauffeur training program is etiquette.

Only bull leather is used for Rolls-Royce’s interiors

Rolls-Royce is renowned for its flawless interiors. It gets its flawless interiors by using only bull hide because cows hide has stretch marks. Around 15 and 18 hides are used in each car. In addition to using bull hide for its leather interiors, Rolls-Royce also employs exceptional craftsmanship techniques and rigorous quality control standards to ensure the highest level of luxury and durability.

The logo on the wheels of Rolls-Royce doesn’t rotate

At first, you won’t notice it but when the car starts moving you’ll see that the logo in the center of the wheels isn’t rotating. That logo doesn’t rotate because of the special gyroscopic mechanism that stops it. This nonrotating logo adds up to Rolls-Royce’s exclusivity and luxury.

There is complete silence inside a Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce is engineered with premier insulating materials that make it completely soundproof. You can hear the clock ticking even at a very high speed. For someone who values comfort and luxury, this creates a peaceful environment inside the car.

These were some mind-blowing facts about Rolls-Royce. Riding Rolls-Royce is indeed an experience of luxury and opulence. But you don’t have to buy one to experience that luxury. We offer exotic car rentals in New Jersey to provide a top-notch luxurious experience. In addition to that, we also have a limousine service for prom nights, weddings, and other events. Get in touch with us now for luxury car rental in New Jersey.